Katafyki gorge – Μυθική Πελοπόννησος

Katafyki gorge

Unknown but yet beautiful, the Katafyki gorge invites you to a relaxing but charming walk. Wild birds, lush vegetation, gurgling waters and spectacular caves compose a unique painting.


Katafyki gorge is a beautiful natural landscape, located between the villages of Fournoi and Ermioni. It consists of a protected area of outstanding beauty and a wild life refuge that attracts the most demanding visitors. Hikers can leave their car in Ermioni and take the path that passes through the dense vegetation of pines, laurels, myrtles, shrubs and other endemic plants. The sound of the running water and the presence of rare animals and wild birds give the impression of an earthly paradise. The imposing rough rocks host mysterious caves, one of which is said to consist of the entrance to the underworld, the point from where Hercules found Cerberus. The locals narrate stories of various offenders that used the caves as refuge.

At the exit of the gorge, near Ermioni, lies the byzantine church of Saint Nikolaos that, since 1740 according to local tradition, protects its visitors from the bad spirits.

The gorge is the ideal spot for hiking and climbing even for the inexperienced climbers. You can start from the gorge and, through the old bridge, reach the picturesque village Fournoi.