Great Days of Nemea – Μυθική Πελοπόννησος

Great Days of Nemea

For the town Nemea, the beginning of fall is a celebration! It is the grape harvest! Every year at the beginning of September, a three-day celebration of Nemea’s wine producers, called “Great Days of Nemea” is organized. This event is organized by the Municipality of Nemea and the Nemea Union of Wine Producers and Viticulturists, and presents the wine wealth of the area and “Agiorgitiko”, one of the most famous wine assortments worldwide. For wine lovers, this is a great opportunity to celebrate the new harvest with the producers.

The events of the greatest vineyard of the Balkan Peninsula take place in an area that provides a significant archaeological tradition and it is defined by the wine culture. Here is the land of the wine of Fliasion, which was very popular in the ancient times because of its widespread consumption in the Nemean Games. According to tradition, on the low hill southern of the today’s plain of Nemea, near to the springs of Asopos River, king Arash built a city. This city was located in a blessed location, with the river watering the fertile plain, named Fliasia after the son of God Dionysus, Flias, who reigned here according to mythology. It is believed that it was here where they cultivated the first grapevine and they produced the first wine, the famous wine of Fliasion, rumored to accompany king Agamemnon’s rich feasts in the palace of Mycenae. The old name of Nemea was Ai Giorgis, and after that was named the grape and wine assortment, “Agiorgitiko”, admirable successor of the legendary ancient wine assortment.

The wineries that participate in the events stay open during the festival offering an amazing opportunity for everyone to familiarize themselves with the wine and its production process.

The events are centered around the promotion of the vineyard to visitors, to boost the environmental culture in order to change the way we handle and protect the product and to teach us new environment-friendly methods of cultivation and wine making.

The festival lasts 3 days and includes visits to wineries, wine tasting seminars, tours to vineyards and a series of cultural performances, concerts, exhibitions, workshops, movie nights etc.

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