Olive and Olive Oil Festival – Μυθική Πελοπόννησος

Olive and Olive Oil Festival

Three days festival dedicated to the laconic olive oil and the edible olive, takes places every August in Sellasia of the Municipality of Sparta. In this festival various producers with their own pavilions take part, but also production firms of the prefecture in order to highlight and promote the laconic olive oil. The exhibition is organized by the Municipality of Sparta and the non-profit organization “Olive and Olive Oil Festival”.  It includes various cultural events, like tributes, product tasting and folk music. There are also conferences, speeches and conventions about agricultural and rural development, the organic agriculture, the production, the market, the history, the use and the quality characteristics of the olive, the olive oil and the other laconic products. The festival is organized under the auspices of the Ministry of Production, Rural Development, Industry and the Environmentand the Province of Peloponnese.