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Elli’s Tower

If you want to see with your own eyes a rather rare architectural marvel of Greece, then you have to visit the Tower of Elli in Porto-Heli. It’s a gothic structure, whose pointy towers distinguish it from the surrounding luxurious residences, even to this day.

Epidaurus Port

If you want to add a little bit of ancient allure to your holiday, then you can stroll at the Port of Epidaurus. It’s full of greenery and it offers you the a great view of the island of Agkistri and the peninsula that used to host the Ancient City of Epidaurus. After all this beauty, you can sit at the beautiful small tavernas that will work your appetite for a wonderful holiday. 

Epidaurus Theater

Whether you’ re in the area for a swim or to watch a performance, you must explore the Ancient Theater of Epidaurus and add some "drama" to your experience. It’s renowned for its amazing acoustics, the perfect harmony of its features that blend with the surroundings, and it’s considered to be the world’s most ravishing stone sound amplifier. It was built on the west side of Mount Kinortio by Polycleitus in the 4th century B.C.

Hellenic Pyramid

If you want to be a witness of the absolute ancient mystery, then you should discover the Pyramid in Elliniko. The very well preserved pyramid is situated close to the springs of Erassinos river, on ancient passages that were once connecting Argos and Tegea. It’s also known as the Kehreea Pyramid and it’s made of large pieces of hard grey limestone, which is abundant in the area.


If you want to discover a temple rich in history, then the Heraion is what you should be looking at. It occupies 3 artificially terraced levels and was built in the middle of the 8th century B.C. It served not only as a temple dedicated to the goddess Hera, but was also hosting the Heraean Games, the second year after each of the Olympic Games.

Kazarma Bridge

If you fancy a walk through antiquity, you can consider it done at the bridge of Kazarma. The megalithic Mycenaean bridge, which is situated in the village of Arcadico, is the oldest European bridge still in existence and use. Its characteristic feature is the diagonal keystone that holds the sidewalls of the triangle gateway together.

Kranidi Windmill

If you want to travel in a different era and discover the ethics and morale of the citizens of Kranidi, then you have to wander among its beautiful windmills. The recently renovated windmills are on a green beautiful hill and they guide you through the art of wheat grinding during your visit. It’s an impressive demonstration of the area’s professional traditions that offers a great touristic experience. 

Nafplio Lighthouse

If you want to enjoy a view where history is present, then a stroll on the Lighthouse of Nafplio is mandatory. The lighthouse will treat you with unique moments of relaxation while you gaze at the castles of Bourtzi and Akronafplia, as well as the whole city of Nafplio. It’s a stress-relieving experience in a place filled with history that will make your holiday even more carefree. 

Orchomenos Ancient Theater

If you are passing  by Arcadia, close to the eastern slope of Ifantios hill, then you can visit the Ancient Theater of Orchomenos. It was built in the 4th-3rd century B.C. and it really thrived until the late Roman Era. This magnificent theater was hosting performances, music and, poetry competitions, as well as gatherings of the Boeotian community. It’s unique architecture and glorious setting are bound to captivate you.

Herod Atticus Mansion

If you want to see something truly marvelous, then you can visit the Mansion of Herod Atticus. Sophistication, quality, art, and civilization are residing in this mansion and they are welcoming their visitors. It’s one of the most important monuments of Arcadia and it’s situated at Eva Dolianon, an ancient city of Kynouria.

Megalopolis Ancient Theater

If you want a hint of the most glorious cities of Ancient Arcadia, you have to visit the Ancient Theater of Megalopolis. It was built by Polycleitus of Argos around 370 B.C. and it has a capacity of 20.000 spectators and unique acoustics. The reason for its enormous size is that, apart from theatrical performances, the site was used for political gatherings of all 40 Arcadic cities around Megalopolis and where any citizen could participate.

Corinth Canal

If you want to enjoy the sight of the Saronic Gulf meeting the Corintian Gulf, at a point where history has been written, then you must make a stop at the Corinth Canal. It’s one of the most strategic locations of Ancient Greece and extremely important for the whole Eastern Mediterranean Region.

Lake Vouliagmeni

If you cannot decide whether to swim in the sea or in a lake, then Lake Vouliagmeni will put an end to your dilemma. The natural lagoon with the marvellous beach and the crystal clear water, is an irresistible attraction for both locals and visitors. If you add the perfect colors of the scenery, you get the perfect combination for never ending relaxation.

Nemea Wineries

If you are a wine lover and the type of person who always wants to discover the best tastes, then in Nemea your taste buds will have a blast. You can find the biggest vineyard of the Balkans in Nemea, which is also known as the Bordeaux of South-eastern Europe.


If you are a nature lover, then Gerakas is a sight that shouldn’t be missed. It’s the only natural fjord of Southern Europe that’s connected to the mainland. This wetland is ideal for bird watching. The shallowness of its waters make it an ideal stopover or overwintering point for migrating birds. There are times when you get to see swans and mallards that will add more interest to your overall experience. 

Leonidas Tomb

A gallant warrior really deserves a special place to be honored. The Tomb of Leonidas is the only monument in the Ancient Agora that is still in existence and it’s an impressive construction in the form of a temple that was built in the 5th century B.C. Though there’s no evidence that the temple is connected with the legendary King of Sparta, the monument has been identified with Leonidas Tomb in people’s hearts.

Petrified Forest

If you want to see how nature works its wonders, you can visit this unique petrified forest by the sea. What’s impressive is that you can see shells, palms, and other trees that are million years old and have literally turned to stone. This rare phenomenon is the reason why the site is included in the Aegean Geological Monuments Atlas and is undoubtedly breathtaking. 

Talanta Watermill

If you want to experience tradition in a "live show", then you should visit the Watermill of Talanta. The picturesque village of Talanta is dotted with trees and flowers and fresh running waters. From the renowned 11 watermills of the past, one has been renovated and it unites the past with the present, presenting all the procedure of making flour with the power of water.

Neda Waterfalls

If you want to discover a secret spot that captures the magic of all nature, then you have to hike in Neda. It’s located on the National Road from Pyrgos to Kyparissia, close to Kyparissia, and it springs from Mount Lykaio, while flowing into the Ionian Sea. There are three waterfalls in various places that form natural pools with crystal clear turquoise waters and the whole landscape rejuvenates you and offers you the utmost relaxation. 

Nestor Palace

If you want to “meet” one of the wisest personalities of antiquity, then you should visit the palace of Nestor. It’s said that this mythical King of Pylos built the palace himself, in the 13th century B.C. Among the numerous findings that were discovered, there are about 1.250 terracotta signs in Linear B.

Polylimnio Waterfalls

If you want to do something out of the ordinary on your holidays, then you have to visit the waterfalls of Polylimnio. This "hidden paradise" of Peloponnese awaits you, half way on the National Road from Messene to Pylos. It’s a beautiful place with 15 lakes, numerous waterfalls, and many small streams and creeks. So, if you are in the mood for hiking there’s one destination that will steal your heart forever.