Dive into the Early Helladic II Period

If you want to discover the secret of Argolida’s sea floor that caused a big stir all over the world, then you have to visit the Early Helladic settlement at the beach of Lambagianna. The settlement dates back to the middle of the Third Millennium B.C. and it was discovered in August of 2015. So, you now have the chance to explore 12.000 acres of underwater history.

Dive Site:
Koilada Bay

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Diving in Arcadia

If you want to discover underwater treasures, then you won’t be getting out of the water in Arcadia. The deep blue waters create an ideal ambience for relaxation and the sea floor beholds unbelievable beauty and outstanding richness. So, all you have to do is grab your gear and go.

Dive Sites:
Arcadian Village, Xeropidago, Paralio Astros

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Diving in Corinth

If you want to do some variety diving, then there are a lot of places within the prefecture of Corinth that will intrigue you. Most of the diving sites are along the boarders of Loutraki and Agioi Theodoroi. There’s such exceptional beauty and thrilling secrets of the underwater world, which will make you swim in a sea of happiness.

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Diving in Ancient Times / Pavlopetri

If you want to dive into the most ancient city of the world, then Pavlopetri is your only choice. It’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the city rests 4 meters below sea level. You’ll admire the exquisite architecture and the remarkable attractions that have been underwater for 5.000 years. So, get ready for your most historic dive ever.

Dive Site:
The islet of Pavlopetri (across from Elafonissos)

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Diving in Ancient Times / Plytra

If you want to discover a truly unique sea floor, then you have to visit the village of Plytra in Monemvassia. Some majestic beaches are waiting for you, as well as something truly extraordinary: the remains of an underwater ancient city. It’s estimated that it sunk after the earthquake in 365 A.C. and it’s identified with the ancient city of Assopos, which flourished during the Ancient Greek Era and the Roman Empire.

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Diving in Laconia

If you want to have some diving diversity, then in Laconia you won’t know where to begin. The waters and the sea floor will give new meaning to your diving, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced diver. Most beaches of the area have a great variety of underwater life and they really elevate the level of your subaquatic experience.

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Diving Parks

If you want to go under waters that are full of ancient treasures and are listed among the world’s greatest, then you have to go to the Diving Parks of Messene. They will give you an experience of a lifetime and it's not an overstatement.  

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