Feel the easy ride

If you want to go to the Peloponnese, nothing can stop you. You can go with any means of transport you want. You can take boats, planes, trains, and buses, while enjoying the ride. You can make the journey even better, if you take some great company along.

By Plane:

If you want to visit the Peloponnese from abroad, then the most popular way is from the International Airport of Athens “Eleftherios Venizelos”. From the airport you’ll need a car, but the drive is really easy. You’ll take the Attiki Odos Motorway and there are several exits, depending on your destination. You can rent a car at the airport or get there by train, bus, and boat.
International Airport of Athens Information:

The International Airport of Kalamata "Captain Vassilis Constantakopoulos" is another option. It mainly receives charter flights during the summer, as well as flights from the International Airport of Thessaloniki “Macedonia”.
International Airport of Kalamata Information:

Finally, you have the choice of the National Airport of Araxos, which is situated close to Patras. It also receives charter flights and some domestic flights. It’s mainly accessible by car.
National Airport of Araxos Information:

By Car:

The easiest way to travel the Peloponnese is by car, since there are a lot of modern highways that connect the peninsula with the rest of Continental Greece and the Corinth Canal connects the Peloponnese to Central Greece. There’s also the option to enter the region from Patras via the Rio-Antirrio Bridge, from the west mainland.

The Attiki Odos Motorway takes you from Athens to the Peloponnese and it provides two basic routes, depending on your destination. Take the Olympia Odos Motorway if you’re heading towards Corinth, Patras, Pyrgos or Tsakonas or the Athens-Corinth National Road if you want to go to Ermioni. Get off at the exit of Epidaurus and then simply follow the signs. The exit is the same for the areas of Ancient Epidaurus and Porto-Heli, which is located after the forest of Sofiko.

If you are heading to Sparta, take the Athens-Corinth-Tripoli National Road and follow the signs. Gythio is located 20’ after Sparta and if you keep going straight, you can reach Monemvassia or Neapoli. Finally, if you want to go to Elafonissos, you can take the ferry from Neapoli.

By Bus:

There are buses everyday for most destinations of the Peloponnese. The Bus Network KTEL has its central station in Athens (Iera Odos St.) and it has a main station in all prefectures of the peninsula. The average price of the ticket is 20 Euros.

If you want to go to Argolida by bus, then you should check out the schedules for Argos, Lygourio, Nafplio, Epidaurus, and Kranidi. Furthermore, from Argos you can go to the rest of Argolida’s villages, to Nemea or Mycenae, whereas from Nafplio you can continue to Tolo or Epidaurus.

Bus Information for Argolida:

If you feel like visiting Tripolis, Megalopolis, Leonidio or Astros, then you have various ride options from Athens. Moreover, the station of Tripolis provides connections to Andritsaina, Zacha, Daphnoula, and Kalamata. You can also travel to Tripolis from Piraeus or Thessaloniki.

Bus Information for Arcadia:

If you wish to travel to Corinth, Loutraki, Derveni, Xylokastro or Nemea, then there are dozens of KTEL rides from Athens that you can choose from. Moreover, if you are heading towards the beautiful villages of Xylokeriza, Almyri, Loutra, Examilia or Galataki, then you have to take the bus to Corinth and change buses from there.

Bus Information for Corinth::

If you want to go to Sparta, Gythio, Molaous, Areopolis, Gerolimenas or Monemvassia, without having to take a car, then you can choose more than 5 trips with the KTEL buses from Athens. If your destination is Elafonissos, then you can take the KTEL bus to Neapoli and continue with the ferry.

Bus Information for Laconia:

If your destination is Messenia, then you have many options. It’s the most frequent route, which provides 12 trips daily. Most trips include the following destinations: Coroni, Pylos, Kyparissia, Messeni, Gargalianoi, and Kalamata.

Bus Information for Messenia:

By Boat:

You can also go to the Peloponnese by boat, even if you are traveling from abroad. The easiest way is to take the boat from Italy to Patras.

Port of Patras Information:

The port of Piraeus provides various options to the Peloponnese. You can take a flying dolphin or a boat and reach the ports of Tolo, Nafplio, Ermioni, Epidaurus, and Porto-Heli. There are boat connections from Porto-Heli to Leonidio, Monemvassia, Gerakas, Kyparissia, and Neapoli.

Finally, you can also travel the Peloponnese with a private yacht or sailing boat, since it offers 3 big private marinas in Corinthus, Kiato, and Xylokastro, as well as small marinas throughout the peninsula.

By Train:

It’s very easy to go to the Peloponnese by train and the ride is simply gorgeous. Plus, there are more than 75 train stations all around the region that give you endless choices.

Train Information: