Feel the myth.

Once you’re in the Peloponnese, you feel everything. You feel good.
It’s here that Paris eloped with Helen of Troy.

You feel important. It’s the place that Leonidas and the 300 fought against the Persian army.
You feel the journey. It’s from here that the Argonauts sailed away in search of the Golden Fleece.


You feel part of history. There’s evidence all over the place, from all types of civilizations… ancient cities, Byzantine and Ottoman temples, Frankish and Venetian castles, and tons of other historic monuments.

You feel lucky. Everywhere you look there’s a world full of nature… seas, mountains, hills, valleys, rivers, lakes, cities, towns, picturesque villages.

You feel unique. You can dive into underwater treasures and cities that are over 5.000 years old.

You feel on top of the world. There are lots of high mountaintops for you to conquer.

You feel the adventure. Cross the secret pathways that lead you to outstanding landscapes. You feel pure pleasure. Taste all that nature has to offer, with traditional recipes that make your taste buds want more.

This is how much you feel in the Peloponnese and the weather is on your side, since it’s as Mediterranean as it gets.

You are in the heart of the Mediterranean and a whole world of experiences awaits you.