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Agioi Anargyroi Monastery

If you want to feel refreshed in one of the world’s few monasteries that actually have therapeutic waters, then you have to visit the Monastery of Agioi Anargyroi in Ermioni. Every year, thousands of people visit this special place, in order to pray and heal in the yard’s thermal spring that’s available for everybody, but not everyone can say that they have had such an experience. 

Pamegiston Taxiarchon Monastery

If you want to explore the mystery of a monastery that’s hidden among rees and that takes you back to the Byzantine and Ottoman Eras, then you have to visit the Monastery of Pamegiston Taxiarchon. Today, it’s a women’s monastery and it contains a rare library, which will offer you a rare experience. 

Agia Theodora Church

If you want to admire a pure wonder of nature, then you have to check out the church of Agia Theodora. Whether you believe in miracles or not, you are up for a big surprise: 17 trees are springing out of the building’s roof with their roots reaching the ground through its walls. It’s a church that really gives meaning to the phrase "seeing is believing". 

Aimialon Monastery

If you want to spend some time in a monastery that’s dedicated to the birth of the Virgin Mary, then you have to visit the Monastery of Aimialon. It’s built on a stunning green gorge in the Peloponnese that forms the Zigovistinorema, a breathtaking natural landscape that can really offer an enchanting experience.

Church Kimisi Theotokou

If you are interested to see a monument where orthodoxy and antiquity blend harmoniously, then you just have to visit the Church of Kimisi Theotokou in Tegea. It’s located next to the ancient theater of the city and it was built with some of the architectural parts of the theater, as well as with some parts from the early Christian churches and the medieval wall that once stood there, which guarantee an alluring trip throughout history. 

Elonis Monastery

If you want to reach a higher level of education in religious studies, then you need to climb up the steep slope that leads to the Monastery of Elonis. Today, this monastery, which is very rich in history, hosts many nuns and it’s visited by numerous pilgrims, every year. Most believers go to the monastery mainly for the miraculous icon, according to tradition, of the Virgin Mary, a work of the Evangelist Lukas.

Epano Hrepa Monastery

If you want to visit a historical monastery with a striking view, then you can choose the Monastery of Epano Hrepa, also known as the "Balcony of Tripolitsa", situated at 1.278 meters of altitude. Its location is of major strategic importance and it’s going to become one of your favorite relaxing spots. 

Filosofos Monastery

If you want to witness with your own eyes a monument that’s an architectural and historical landmark, then you have to visit the Monastery of Filosofos. Its view to the canyon and the feeling that you find yourself in a historical and cultural center, are just a few of the reasons that make this place so special. It may be located on a steep slope, but you will find that its vibe makes everything feel easier.

Kalteza Monastery

If you want to honor a monastery that’s dedicated to important saints that stood up for the fighters of the Greek Revolution, then you can enjoy the Monastery of Kalteza. It’s stands tall on a green hill, it's very popular for its historic value, and it welcomes you in a very impressive manner. 

Kimisi Theotokou of Valtesiniko Monastery

If you want to visit a monastery that opens the doors to history and takes you to the Byzantine and Ottoman Eras of Greece, then you have to choose the Monastery of Kimisi Theotokou in Valtesiniko. It’s surrounded by graceful trees and it’s superb location offers you a view of the area, which you will find hard to forget. 

Malevis Monastery

If you want to discover a monastery that combines the miracle of faith and the marvel of nature, then the Monastery of Malevis is waiting for your visit. It’s located on an enchanting landscape and it’s "popular" for its miraculous icon of the Virgin Mary. It’s a painting by Lucas the Evangelist and it supposedly exudes therapeutic myrrh, according to tradition.

Metamorphosis Sotiros Monastery

If you want the ultimate educational experience in religious and historical matters, then you should visit the Holy Monastery of the Metamorphosis of Sotiros, also known as the Monastery of Loukous. The monastery contains a rich library, carpet making workshops, and icon painting studios, which are interesting to visit. All of this diversity, along with the natural beauty of the site, will give you an ecstatic experience.

Prodromos Monastery

If you want to visit a monastery with a vast history, then the Monastery of Prodromos will enchant you with its unique allure. The complex consists of many small churches and chapels that create a wonderful sensation, while the imposing rocks that surround it add an extra mind-blowing effect.

Agios Georgios of Zacholi

If you want to add a little bit of the glory of legends to your excursion, then you can visit the Church of Agios Georgios in Zacholi. According to the legend, the church was built within 39 days, thanks to the efforts of the villagers. They were trying their best to beat the 40-day deadline that the Turkish commander had given them, before he turned the church into a mosque.

Agios Vlassios Monastery

If you want to visit a monastery that’s full of history and it has roots in the Crusades, then you have to see the Agios Vlassios Monastery in Upper Trikala. It has been a major center of monastic life and it constantly attracts many Christians every year, the same way it will attract your attention.  

Apostolos Pavlos Church

If you want to find out about the history of religion, then this church will exceed your expectations. The Church of Apostolos Pavlos dominates the city of Corinth, with its striking building, and it invites you to explore its priceless religious content. 

Lechova Monastery

If you are intrigued by a cultural experience on a religious place of worship, then you should visit the Monastery of Lechova, which is listed as an archaeological landmark by the Ministry of Culture. The surrounded forest dotted with monks’ cells, vineyards, and an old well set a scenery that makes it hard for you to resist. 

Ossios Potapios Monastery

If you are seeking an experience that will lift your spirits, then the Monastery of Ossios Potapios is exactly what you were looking for. The monastery’s complex is situated on a steep slope with a view of the whole Loutraki area. It’s a significant Greek monument and its 150 steps are worth climbing, since they offer an extremely rewarding view of the gulf of Corinth. 

Panagia Faneromeni Monastery (Chiliomodi)

If you want to walk through antiquity, the Byzantine era, and today, then you just have to drop by the Monastery of Panagia Faneromeni  in Chiliomodi. It’s situated within numerous pine trees and the whole scenery will relax you completely, body and soul.

Panagia Prathi

If you want to appreciate the timeless value of a treasure from the past, then you should visit one of the oldest churches in the Peloponnese. The Church of Panagia Prathi is situated at 1.150 metres of altitude, among tall trees. It has been qualified as a historical monument, even if the only thing that has survived from the whole complex is the katholikon.

Prophet Elias of Zacholi Monastery

If you want to visit a unique monument of the Byzantine Era that grabs everybody’s attention, then the Monastery of Prophet Elias at Zacholi is the ideal choice. The two tall trees and the traditional fountain, which you will see as soon as you arrive, signal the beginning of a wonderful experience. 

Agios Georgios of Geraki Monastery

If you like the religious tradition, as much as the Frankish culture, then you can enter the Castle of Geraki. There’s a beautiful monastery for you to discover within the castle, the church of Agios Georgios. It’s a church that’s really one of tis kind and this visit is certain to boost your mood.

Pantanassa Monastery

If you want to take your time to admire the sacred land of Mystras, then it’s time to discover the historical Monastery of Pantanassa. It lies on the highest point of a beautiful slope and it offers a ravishing view of Mystras, which impresses even the most demanding traveler.  

Konstantinos and Eleni Monastery

If you want to discover a monastery that's a true symbol of the Byzantine Era and still keeps its tradition alive, then your ideal choice would be the Monastery of Konstantinos and Eleni. It’s a monastery that has been helping those in need, ever since it was founded. It has been focusing on helping the weak, the orphans, as well as earthquake and war victims, by offering shelter, food, and hope.

Velanidia Monastery

If you want to explore the religious heritage and the historic battles of Greece at the same time, then you can visit the Monastery of Velanidia. It stands tall at 350 metres of altitude and it’s always eager to entice you with its charm.