Arcadian Potatoes

The potatoes of Arcadia have a tastier taste that can’t really be described; it’s just that they give you all of their best.
Their roots are based in the eco grounds of Tegea and their gold color indicates their extremely valuable nutrients.

Argolida Oranges

The region of Argolida will give you an overdose of vitamin C. You can discover the full-flavored varieties of Valencia and Roubini, as well as the exceptional Navalina oranges that have no pits and make rich juices.

Argos Melons

One of the most popular fruits of summer is waiting for you to try it, at the place that made it famous.
The melons of Argos have the smell and taste of summer, as well as many vitamins that rejuvenate you.

Corinthian Currant

The world’s “leading lady” that has its roots deep into the ancient times and the “spicy” symposiums, awaits you in Corinth. If you are in the area, the birthplace of this super food, do try its original taste and feel its nutritional value.

Greek Truffle

The land of Corinth offers the “underground diamond”, the all-rich-in-taste-and-vitamins truffle. If you happen to be in the area, it’s really worth it to get any of the top-notch products that come from this gold fungus and treat yourself with the best.

Irion Artichokes

A tasty secret is revealed at the region of Irion. It’s a special kind of artichoke with a unique taste and great nutritional value that works up an appetite for exclusive culinary missions.

Kalamata Dried Figs PDO

Try the “guru” of figs in Kalamata and taste the ancient athletes’ “drug”. It’s a dried fruit with a heap of vitamins and once you’ve had it, it’s going to become your healthy lifestyle companion for life.

Kynourian Eggplants PDO

This infamous eggplant, also known as Tsakonian, is grown at the valley of Dionysus (according to Pausanias) and it’s the only one that has a sweet taste. A taste the blends perfectly with any of your savory or sweet creations.

Laconian Wild Asparagus

An unusual kind of wild asparagus is served in Monemvassia. These wonderful plants are at their best in February and it’s then that you can even eat them raw or, if you’re not feeling as adventurous, combine them with several meat dishes.

Lithovouni Garlic

The garlic that the land of Lithovouni produces smells so great that you might be tempted to eat some of its cloves raw.  
The taste is so delicate and proper, which adds an extra touch to all of your recipes and lots of nutritional benefits.

Messenian Watermelons

You can’t feel it’s summer in Greece without having some watermelon and you can’t miss the watermelons of Messenia, which are Europe’s favorites. If you are in the area, you should also try the sweet, yellow watermelons for extra taste and juiciness.

Monemvassia Prickly Pears

You can actually have a taste of Greek summer in the fig fields of Monemvassia that are full of this delicious fruit. If you peel them carefully and put them in the fridge for a while, you can then have a bite of happiness.

Peloponnesian Thyme

This thyme is a 100% natural product that was consumed by the Ancient Greeks for its therapeutic action.
It exists in great abundance in all of the peninsula’s alpine regions and it fights off the flu, as well as many infections. On top of this, it breaks the monotony of grilled meat.

Pilafa Apples

There is a reason why this apple variety is actually called Delicious and the reason is… because they are. Their taste is unbelievably velvety and they are widely recognized in Europe for their superior quality, which you can actually feel from the first bite.

Skirida Chestnuts

The flavorsome chestnuts from the area of Skirida have an aroma that will kind of intoxicate you. They are so sweet and soft that they don’t even need to be boiled; you can just eat them directly from the tree. Grab many bites and get all the vitamins you need.

Taygetus Oregano

The rocky slopes of Mount Taygetus offer a small tasty treasure with multiple beneficial properties. The region’s oregano has a unique aroma and a strong taste that make it one of the world’s best, as well as your best cooking friend.

Taygetus Rosemary

There are many spots on Mount Taygetus that captivate you with the refreshing aroma of rosemary. It’s supposed to reinforce mental function and it definitely reinforces any meat recipe and all kinds of salads.

Taygetus Tea

When it’s time for some relaxing tea, then do try what the exceptional mountain of Taygetus has to offer. Its natural tea has a smell that soothes all the senses and it can be part of any kind of moment.

Taygetus Wild Rose

A gorgeous element of nature adds beauty to the striking landscape of Mount Taygetus, but it’s not only pretty to look at. The wild rose of this region is also used in many desserts, as well as local alcoholic beverages. Be sure to try it, any way you prefer.