Argolida Olive Oil

The olive oil that the region of Argolida produces is known all over the world, because of its top quality, unique color, and rich flavor that’s provided by the exceptional soil and climate conditions. Once you discover it, you’ll discover a tasty way to a healthy diet.

Kalamata Extra Virgin Olive Oil PDO

The extra virgin product is nature’s gift to the whole world. It has a rather significant biological and pharmaceutical value, mostly because it’s solely extracted by crushing the olives. It’s the purest thing you could ever include in your everyday diet.

Kalamata Olives PDO

These tiny olives are the ambassadors of Messenia and they are considered to be the world's best. 
They are handpicked during harvest and this is why they preserve the top quality taste and nutritive you’re looking for in your diet.

Kalamata Split Olives

The split olives come from the variety of Matsiola olives from Kalamata. They are harvested when their color is green and they are gently “crushed” on a marble surface with a stick.
Then they are marinated in olive oil with lemon or bitter orange slices and they are ready to awaken your taste buds.

Koronian Olives and Olive Oil

The region of Koroni offers a type of olive that contains magical ingredients. It’s the closest variety to oleaster, the wild olive, which also gives one of the best olive oils. It’s very rich, both in texture and in taste.

Manaki Olive

A delish black olive is produced in many prefectures of the Peloponnese, such as Arcadia, Argolida, and Corinthia. It “stars” in many traditional recipes. It’s the ideal solution for extra taste in every meal. Just wait until you try it.

Megaritiki Olive

The Megaritiki olive comes in two versions, green and black, and it’s produced in many ways. You can taste these olives in salt, in vinegar, and sun dried, which means that you can have them at all times, by all means.

Methonian Mavrelia and Olive Oil

This small black olive has a great taste and it’s mostly “served” in the region of Methoni. It’s exceptionally nutritional and it also adds a special yummy effect to each and every dish, while the olive oil it produces is so tasty that you’ll be licking it off your fingers.

Spartan Black Olives

These black olives are made from the variety of Korakolies, which are harvested at a mature stage and placed in pure water for the bitter taste to be removed. Then, they are soaked in brine, top quality vinegar, and virgin olive oil, in order to “stand tall” on your dinner table.