Mainalos Ski Resort

If you want to ski on the “Greek Alps”, then the ski resort of Mainalos invites you to enjoy its greatness. It’s the southernmost ski center in Greece and it’s situated on the plateau of Mount Ostrakina, at 1.600 meters of altitude. It’s relatively old, but it was renovated in 2004 and it has been gradually updated, in order to offer the skiing quality you want.

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Ziria Ski Center

If you want to discover a fairy-tale-like place, then you have to ski in Ziria. It may be a small ski center, but it offers a very warm experience. It’s located on the northwest side of Mount Ziria’s plateau (or Kyllini), at the gorge of Flambouritsa, between its 2 peaks: Big Ziria (2.080 meters) and Small Ziria (2.374 meters). The Ziria Ski Center is a place of alpine fun that makes you feel jolly in every sense.

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