TOP 10

If you are the type of person that needs something more, then the Peloponnese will give you everything. There are so many activities that await you that you’ll need to set some priorities, in order to enjoy as much as you can and add some unique activities to your holidays.

No: 1

Diros Caves

If you want to visit caves that go beyond any imagination, then you have to visit the caves of Diros. They are located at the settlement of Pyrgos Dirou, a bit outside from Areopolis. These two caves are both extraordinary and each one will dazzle you in its own unique way.

No: 3

Mount Ziria

If you want to roam around a mythical mountain that’s full of natural and historic treasures, then you have to get to Mount Ziria.

No: 4

Neda Canyon

If you want to discover a canyon that uncovers all of nature’s magic, then the canyon of Neda will dazzle you. It’s close to the village of Platania, right after the town of Kyparissia. You can enter the canyon from several points, depending on the distance you wish to cover.

No: 5

Diving in Ancient Times / Pavlopetri

If you want to dive into the most ancient city of the world, then Pavlopetri is your only choice. It’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the city rests 4 meters below sea level. You’ll admire the exquisite architecture and the remarkable attractions that have been underwater for 5.000 years.

No: 6

The Routes of the Olive Tree

If you want to expand your horizons and find out about the importance of olives in the Mediterranean culture, then you can experience something really rare in the Peloponnese. The Routes of the Olive Tree is a cultural, non-profit, nongovernmental organization based in Kalamata.

No: 7

Mainalos Ski Resort

If you want to ski on the “Greek Alps”, then the ski resort of Mainalos invites you to enjoy its greatness. It’s the southernmost ski center in Greece and it’s situated on the plateau of Mount Ostrakina, at 1.600 meters of altitude.

No: 8

Loussios - Alfios Rivers

If you want to combine sports, leisure, and great image shifts of nature, then rafting or kayaking on the rivers of Loussios and Alfios will utterly refresh you. The routes pass through canyons and natural tunnels formed by trees, creating impressive surroundings, anywhere you look.

No: 9

Cultural Summer

If you want to add a cultural and sporty touch to your summer, then you have to discover the "Cultural Summer" organized by the Municipality of Xylokastro and Evrostini. It’s a festival that sets high standards and offers great concerts, plays, exhibitions, sport events, and much more.

No: 10

Lake Doxa

If you want to go to an unrealistically quiet place, then Lake Doxa will quench your need. It may be an artificial lake, but it completely blends with its natural surroundings.