TOP 10

If visiting local attractions is an important part of your holiday experience, consider extending your stay this time. The Peloponnese offers so many attractions of history and outstanding natural beauty, which cover all tastes and live up to all expectations.

No: 1

Mystras Castle

If you wish to encounter one of the most important Late Byzantine cities, you have to visit the historic city of Mystras. It’s situated on a rocky hill that’s north of Mount Taygetus, 6 kilometers northwest of Sparta.

No: 2


No matter how much you have already heard about Mycenae, it can’t compare to an actual visit to the site. The Acropolis of Mycenae was built on a rocky spot between two high cone-shaped hills, Profitis Elias and Sara, a location of great strategic importance.

No: 3

Epidaurus Theater

Whether you’ re in the area for a swim or to watch a performance, you must explore the Ancient Theater of Epidaurus and add some "drama" to your experience.

No: 4

Corinth Canal

If you want to enjoy the sight of the Saronic Gulf meeting the Corintian Gulf, at a point where history has been written, then you must make a stop at the Corinth Canal.

No: 5

Monemvassia Castle

If you want to explore the mysteries of Monemvassia, you can start your search from its magnificent castle. It’s here that the Laconians built the first wooden movable bridge that connected the rock with the shore. This novelty gave the castle its name, which means "one way" in Greek.

No: 6

Pylos Archaeological Museum

If you want to see some masterpieces of ancient times that embrace the ancient culture, then you have to visit the Archaeological Museum of Pylos. It was built in 1956 and it exhibits findings from the Middle Helladic Period to the Roman Era.

No: 7


If you want to witness a special tradition that’s been admired for centuries, then the castle of Palamidi is waiting for you. It’s situated close to the center of Nafplio, on a 216 meters high hill, and it’s the best-preserved fortification complex of the Venetian Rule.

No: 8

Polylimnio Waterfalls

If you want to do something out of the ordinary on your holidays, then you have to visit the waterfalls of Polylimnio. This "hidden paradise" of Peloponnese awaits you, half way on the National Road from Messene to Pylos. It’s a beautiful place with 15 lakes, numerous waterfalls, and many small streams and creeks.

No: 9

Nemea Wineries

If you are a wine lover and the type of person who always wants to discover the best tastes, then in Nemea your taste buds will have a blast. You can find the biggest vineyard of the Balkans in Nemea, which is also known as the Bordeaux of South-eastern Europe.

No: 10

Agia Theodora Church

If you want to admire a pure wonder of nature, then you have to check out the church of Agia Theodora. Whether you believe in miracles or not, you are up for a big surprise: 17 trees are springing out of the building’s roof with their roots reaching the ground through its walls.