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If you love the sea, then the Peloponnese will become your place to be. There are countless beaches, each one of them offering something different, in every possible shade of blue, green, and turquoise! The Peloponnesian beaches are the definition of summer with tempting little tavernas, summer ambience cafés, and traditional villages that offer you endless moments of relaxation.

No: 1


If you want to experience the true deep blue sea, then you have to visit Simos Beach in Elafonissos. It consists of two beaches, Fragko (Small Simos) and Sarakiniko (Large Simos), which offer golden sand, natural dunes, and emerald waters.

No: 2


If you want to see one of the best beaches in the world, then you must head to Voidokilia Beach. It’s a small bay with blue-green fresh waters, an amazing sandy beach, and a lush green landscape that’s part of the Natura Zone 2000, as well as part of most top lists in acknowledged tour guides.

No: 3


If you want to refresh yourself in a small paradise, then Fokianos Beach is waiting for you. It "hides" within lush green mountain slopes, while its green waters and white pebbles make it seem like a shrine of tranquility.

No: 4


If you want to find yourself in an Aegean style beach in the Peloponnese, then Poulithra gives you this feeling. It has clear blue waters with small pebbles and it combines the Arcadic landscape with the magic of the Aegean Sea.

No: 5


If you want to swim in a picturesque landscape, then Gialova is picture perfect. It’s at the bay of Navarino and you will love it for its peaceful scenery and its romantic sunset. Gialova is the ideal destination for families with children, even for a weekend away, because it fills you up with energy right away.

No: 6

Mavrovouni - Foinikounda

If you are in the mood for a beach that seems endless, then you should make a break for Mavrovouni Beach. It is a 2.5 kilometers long golden beach, with clear turquoise waters. It’s protected from the wind and it offers a unique calming sensation.

No: 7

Lake Vouliagmeni

If you are looking for something exotic for your days on the beach, then you can visit Lake Vouliagmeni. This blue lake of Corinthia is just a few meters away from the sea and it charms even the most demanding visitor, with its blue colors and perfect stillness.

No: 8


If you want to visit a beach that keeps you busy day and night, then Peroulia Beach is calling. It’s a sandy, wide, and not windy beach with shallow waters and special tents that offer excellent shadow.

No: 9


If you are interested in seeing a beach with a view of the Medieval Ages, then you should go to the sandy beach of Methoni (also known as Ammoudia Tis Methonis). The beach starts where the castle’s walls end and the water is deep blue, really deep blue.

No: 10


If you want to dive into relaxation, then you will find Tyros Beach quite refreshing. This sandy beach with its blue waters embraces the picturesque bay and it’s close to the touristic settlement, so that you can have a calm vacation.