Argolida Gogkles

The Greek version of pasta awaits you in Argolida, as well as in the other areas of the Peloponnese. It’s a handmade type of pasta that’s in the shape of a seashell and it’s not that easy to make, though it’s easy to love.

Bardouniotikos Rooster

The potpourri of the Laconian land’s products can take you on a journey to tradition with this amazing recipe. The tasty meat of the rooster blends with the Kalamata split olives, bay leaves, juicy onions, and handmade hylopitas, a Greek type of noodles.

Corinthian Scorpion Fish

The Corinthian Gulf has plenty of fish and its “specialty” is the shiny red scorpion. You can enjoy its wonderful taste at the tavernas of Cape Melagkavi or close to Lake Heraion, which set up the perfect ambience.

Gerakas Garidopetoules

The little shrimp pies are deep fried and incredibly yummy. You can taste them in almost all of the tavernas at the picturesque port of Gerakas. Try this traditional recipe of Morias that will have you asking for more.

Kalamata Sausages with Orange

Discover an artisan form of sausage that’s made with love in Kalamata. It has a very interesting taste, which is based on its spicy red peppers that are cooled down a bit by the refreshing orange slices.

Laconian Red Mullets

If you want to have a taste of summer, you should eat some red mullets at the small villages of Laconia. This type of fresh fish goes well with some tsipouro, the Greek version of grappa, and the lovely shades of the cute tavernas.

Laconian Stamna

There’s a recipe that’s going to make you fall in love with Monemvassia. It’s the traditional dish of Stamna, which combines pork with potatoes and a large mix of herbs. They are placed in a clay pot and are slow-cooked to the maximum, for maximum taste.

Mani Lalaggia

Lalaggia are Mani’s version of bread fritters and they used to be a traditional Christmas recipe. They are so tasty that they have become an everyday delicious snack, which is very easy to find all over the region. If you try it, try it with cheese for extra yumminess.

Mani Regali

Discover the wild imagination of Mani’s traditional cuisine. Regali is a lamb liver recipe that’s marinated with syglino (curated pork), tomatoes, and a variety of spices. All of these ingredients join forces and are served with gogkes, the region’s traditional pasta, in order to fascinate your palate.

Mani Syglino

You are going to love the taste of Mani’s trademark. Syglino is a type of salted pork that’s smoked with wood, fresh herbs, and olive oil. It’s so delicious that you’ll want to have it at all times, everyday.

Mani Tsouchti

Tsouchti is the traditional pasta dish of Mani and it satisfies even the most passionate spaghetti aficionado. It’s made with thick pasta, myzithra cheese, fresh butter, and a fried egg that makes a world of difference.

Messenian Fish

The Messenian Gulf is full of sea breams, blackfish, grouper fish, and many more types of fish that will really make your mouth water. You can enjoy your favorite at the little tavernas of the small ports of Messenia and enjoy your summer to the fullest.

Monemvassia Saitia

These little pies filled with all kinds of greens have some major taste powers. You have a wide selection of special fillings to choose from and they consist of a great variety of fresh greens (also known as horta) from the Laconian soil.

Nafplio Bogana

If you want to make the most of your hull bean pot, then you should make the traditional recipe of Nafplio. Bogana is a delicious dish with lamb and potatoes, which literally melts in your mouth.

Peloponnesian Wholeweat Trahanas

Trahanas is the basic type of pasta that Greece has to offer and it’s popular in many villages of the Peloponnese, mostly in the alpine regions. It’s traditionally served with olives and bread.

Piglet with Sweet Balsamic

The fusion of savory and sweet is something that’s evident in the traditional cuisine of Corinthia and Argolida. The tender pork is marinated with Agiorgitiko wine, a mix of vegetables, honey, and petimezi, which is the Greek version of balsamic. This blend of ingredients creates a 5 star dish.

Tripoli Lagoto

This is a recipe that the locals of Tripoli specially created for their majestic wine nights. Lagoto consists of tender pork squares that are covered in garlic, rusk crumbs, and crushed walnuts. The taste is so good that you won’t be able to put your fork down.

Tripoli Salami Dagre

It’s a traditional type of salami that’s mainly served in Tripoli and it really makes a wonderful impression. Its taste is rich, garlicky, and spicy, which proves that it’s curated the right way.

Tripoli “Meaty” Mezze

Discover a wide selection of Tripoli’s meat mezze that’s based on the tender meat of the local sheep and goats.
Kayanas is one of the most popular kinds of this mezze category and it’s made with cured meat, tomatoes, and eggs. It’s a delicious and quick recipe for any time of the day.