Laconian Touloumotyri

It’s a type of hard cheese that’s made from sheep milk and it tastes like a mix of feta and kefalotyri. The locals use it for their hand-made pies, as well as a snack. They also combine it with olives and plenty of wine.

Messenian Sfela PDO

If you like feta cheese, then you should try the saltier member of this cheese family. It’s called Sfela and its nickname is “the feta that’s on fire”. Sfela is a traditional product of Messenia that’s produced from sheep and goat milk, with no other substances or enhancers.

Peloponnesian Feta PDO

Don’t miss the authentic Greek cheese that’s present on every table in the Peloponnese. It’s the cheese that represents Greece since the ancient times and you can taste it in several variations, in several places.

Peloponnesian Goat Cheese

A region that’s full of sheep and goats couldn’t but produce top quality goat cheese. If you enjoy intense tastes, then you can really feel the unique taste of this cheese, in all the alpine areas of the Peloponnese.

Peloponnesian Myzithra

Myzithra is a typical cheese of the region and it’s produced from sheep and goat milk. You can find it in all areas of the peninsula, in many variations. It usually has a salty or sweet taste and it really enhances the taste of your culinary creations.

Tripoli Graviera

Try a type of graviera, a popular Greek cheese, that you haven’t tasted anywhere else. Local dairy farmers produce it and they add a slight spicy touch to it. Also, it has a rich body that goes well with any snack, cheese plateau, and meal.