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If you want to be in a unique historical place that’s considered to be the most ancient city in Europe, then you have to visit Argos. Its history begun in the Late Bronze Age and it has been one of the most important centers of the Mycenaean world. The whole city is a vast museum, as well as an important urban, financial, and commercial district of the Peloponnese.


If you picture high quality holidays and add loads of fun, then you can start comprehending what Ermioni is all about. A city that feels like an island, with unique natural beauties and various entertainment choices. It’s inhabited almost continuously since 300 B.C. and it reveals its glorious historical richness, along with its majestic beaches.


If you see yourself in an idyllic landscape full of history, then you have to visit Nafplio. The capital of Argolida has small streets, beautiful buildings, museums, a lovely port, 3 impressive castles, magnificent nature, clear waters, and infinite entertainment choices. It’s  no wonder that it was the first capital of Greece after the Revolution and it’s a wonderful city that’s ideal for any kind of holidays you are in the mood for.


If you want to find yourself in a traditional landscape that vibrates with history and culture, then you have to pass by the picturesque village of Dimitsana. It decorates the slopes of Mount Mainalos with its stone houses, small streets, bridges, and the beauty of Loussios River. It has a very interesting past with important historic monuments and sights, as well as savage virgin beauty, and everything about it invites you to explore it. 

Paralio Astros

If you want a five star holiday, then in the village of Paralio Astros you’ll find what you were looking for. It’s a traditional village that's amphitheatrically built and it has taken its name, Astros (meaning star in Greek), from the star-shaped hill that is located next to the port.


If you want to discover one of the most beautiful and historical villages of Arcadia, you should visit Stemnista. It’s situated close to Loussios River and Ancient Gortyna, while being surrounded by cherry, walnut, and plane trees. It was founded around the 12th century, during the Byzantine Age, and it also played an important role during the Turkish Oppression.


If you want to find yourself in a fairy-tale-like landscape in the mountains, then Vytina is the place that will enchant you. It's also known as the gem of Mainalos, since it demonstrates its rich tradition with the old stone houses, the picturesque small streets, the historical square, the tall trees, the forests, the mountains, the paths, the springs, the monasteries, and the historical monuments.


If you are looking for a resort to cover even the most demanding needs, then you have to spend your holiday in Loutraki, the resort city of the Peloponnese. It has world-known beaches, natural thermal baths, unique entertainment choices, gorgeous nature, and important sights that can create any type of holiday you’re in the mood for.

Trikala Corinthias

If you want to spend your holiday in a place with lots of choices, then you should explore the villages of Trikala Corinthias. These three villages, Lower, Middle and Upper Trikala, are really traditional and are known for their serene landscape.


If you believe that relaxation and entertainment is the ideal combination for your holidays, then Xylokastro is going to become one of your favorite destinations. It’s a gorgeous landscape with deep blue waters, thermal spas, a scenic port, and a plethora of cultural and sports events, which will charge your batteries for the whole summer.


If you want to visit a historical village that preserves the essence of Mani’s history and tradition, then Areopoli will dazzle you like no other. It’s the capital of Messa Mani (Inner Mani) and it’s an official landmark of Greece with hidden treasures, in each and every corner. Stone residences, tall fortress traditional squares, medieval sights, and amazing beaches will take you on a journey from the past to the present.


If your holidays are sacred to you, then you’ll adore Gerolimenas that used to be called the "Ancient Port" in antiquity. It’s an impressive traditional settlement that’s built by the sea, on the east side of Cavo Grosso, and it’s one of the most authentic coastal villages in Laconia. It stands where most probably Ancient Ippola used to be and during the Turkish Oppression it was one of the bases of the pirates of Mani.


If you want to visit a town that feels like it was build to make your summer better, then Gythio awaits you. It’s a small town with an island vibe and it’s situated amphitheatrically along the beach. It’s "decorated”" with neoclassical buildings, traditional houses, beautiful churches, a beautiful port, and important historic monuments.


If you want to discover a village that keeps its ancient secrets and Mani’s traditions alive, then you have to find yourself in beautiful Kardamyli. The picturesque coastal village, which has been registered as a Historical Landmark by the Ministry of Culture, is often called the Côte d’Azur of Greece by top travel guides.


If you want to see the old port of Areopolis, then you have to visit Limeni. It’s a small coastal village with impressive restored towers and stone houses that almost hit the water. It used to be the old settlement of the Mavromichalis family, a historic family of the Greek Revolution. It’s such a picturesque port that it will make you want to dock there forever. 


If you want to find yourself in a striking landscape that combines a fortress town with the sea and the mountains, then Monemvassia is the ideal place for your holiday. It’s one of the most popular touristic attractions in the world, mostly because of its rare scenery. The traditional settlement, under the imposing castle on the hill, will win you over immediately and then you’ll discover more.


If you want to explore a mythical place full of culture and authentic natural beauty, then Sparta is a city that will offer you all kinds of stimuli. Picturesque villages, running fresh waters, lush vegetation, noteworthy fauna, imposing peaks, castles and palaces, monasteries and churches compose the ideal scenery. It’s a place that has created history, from the times of the legendary King Leonidas until today.


If you want to discover a landscape full of colors, history, and magical waters, then Koroni can grant your wishes. This small town was very important during the Byzantine years and it has witnessed fierce battles, both from the Ottomans and the Venetians.


If you want to find yourself in a coastal town full of life and history, then your choice should be Methoni. Its significant historical importance, due to its strategic location, has created grounds for war among Ancient Greeks, Venetians, and Turks. The traditional settlement, the castle, the fortress, the surrounding islets, the picturesque little port, the wonderful  beaches, and much more will make you feel like a new person.


If you want to add a scent of myth and a hint of revolutionary glory to your trip, then you have to visit Navarino Bay. According to Homer, this place was the kingdom of Nestor and it’s also famous for the historical Naval Battle of Navarino in 1827, which ensured Greece’s Liberation. It’s a beautiful bay and the island of Sphacteria, which closes the bay to the west and protects it.


If you want to see a place that’s full of colors and rich in history, then you have to visit the city of Pylos. It’s located on the south entrance of Navarino Bay, below the beautiful fortress of Niokastro. Once you enter the city from its northwest side, you’ll  get the big picture: the marina, the port, the small tavernas, the fishing boats, the yachts, and the sailing boats moored in the calm waters that will also calm your mood.