Arcadian Tsipouro

A very special kind of tsipouro is made in the villages of Arcadia. The reason that makes it so special is the fact it’s made from the wine variety of Moschofilero, which is not that common in Greece. This means that it will give an extra touch to your tasty experience.

Argolida Agiorgitiko

The ideal vineyards of Argolida belong to the Nemean PDO zone and they produce the selective variety of Agiorgitiko. It’s a rich flavored wine that adds the right amount of intensity to any moment you want to enjoy.

Argolida Rokaniaris and Sklavos

The Rokaniaris and Sklavos wine varieties are exclusively produced in Argolida and they are all yours to discover. Rokaniaris is made of citrus fruits, whereas Sklavos is made of herbs. Both are soft and have a pleasant acidity that you can't get enough of.

Corinthian Lagorthi

The Lagorthi is a rare selection of wine from the vineyards of the northern parts of the Peloponnese. It’s light in body, very rich in fruits, and it has a vivid acidity. Lagorthi will definitely add a soothing sense, whenever you need it.

Corinthian Sideritis

If you are in the Peloponnese, you should taste the Sideritis wine that the fertile soil of Corinth produces. It has a sweet peachy taste and a very appetizing acidity.

Laconian Kydonitsa

Kydonitsa is an old wine variety that originates from Laconia and it’s rather popular in the Peloponnese. It’s a wine that was very popular in the Byzantine Era and it can become one of your favorites, if you like quince.

Mantineia Wines PDO

The land of Mantineia used to make great wines from the ancient times. You can try exclusive varieties from producers that passionately preserve the tradition. The quality is so good that you can also find it in some of the most demanding markets of the world.

Messenian Tsipouro

The tsipouro of Messenia is a distilled spirit that’s very popular in Greece and it has a very rich taste. It’s so delicious that it will immediately put you in the mood for some endless chats with good friends. It's an effect that tsipouro is known for all over the country.

Monemvassia Malvasia PDO

The name of the mythical Malvasia wine means Monemvassia in the Frankish language and it’s a wine with a great history.
Nowadays, it keeps on earning high distinctions and this is mostly because it’s an elegant multi-layered variety. It also has touches of exotic herbs, it’s velvety, and it has a full body.

Nemean Wines PDO

Almost everybody knows that Nemea is the greatest grapevine zone of Greece and many consider it to be Southeast Europe’s equivalent of Bordeaux.
The most popular grape that’s cultivated is the Agiorgitiko, which gives wines of superior quality. If you are there on a visit, do try the Agiorgitiko wine.

Xenia Ouzo

There’s a special kind of ouzo that’s produced in Kalamata and it makes quiet a difference comparing to the rest. It’s contains a different type of anise, which has a very sweet body. This is the main reason why it can accompany all types of mezze, but it can also be used for desserts.